React Knowledge

Hello, my programmer friends!!
Today I am discussing react basic concept. Let's start!

React not a framework: If you are a react developer then you should know that this is a javascript library, not a framework. Because you don't show readymade file in this. All of the decisions you make by yourself.

JSX: It neither a string nor an HTML! It is a funny syntax.
But it has a high power of javascript. Where you write HTML and javascript and you can make a nice user interface.JSX is an inline markup that looks like HTML and gets transformed into JavaScript.

It’s JavaScript: However, this is a javascript. Because what is you write in this that is a javascript .like this…

Data Goes Down: In “react” you can send data from parents component to child component by using the props method use. It is a very suitable concept.

State: This very a very important part of “react”. Because you can store your data or any change data in this.

Hooks: This is a new addition in React 16.8. you use state and other React features without writing a class. By this, you can write a functional component that is very simple from the class base component.



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